Job Description

Hiring: “Connectors”, networking types, 35+ hours/week, from home (or anywhere), missional (Godly) purpose, in cryptocurrency communications, fun, pays very well, subcontractor (1099) position, some educational consulting. Will train. Have three positions open.

A group of investors are involved in cryptocurrency liquidity pools and have been using the funds to support ministries, missionaries and other financial needs in the Christian sector. Many others have since learned about the pool and want to participate. However, the work of introducing others to the liquidity pool involves phone and zoom calls, replying to texts and emails, showing them how to buy their first Ethereum or Bitcoin on, supplying due diligence, answering their questions, etc. This is not sales or investor relations. We are not onboarding investors or their money, rather we are only introducing others to the liquidity pool producers. It is a process of introductions only, one that unburdens the liquidity pool producers when a subcontractor, such as yourself, is available to handle all the initial inquiries.

We have six other subcontractors already in this role and they are all earning over six figures a year, and claim they are loving the work. Pay is weekly plus contract bonuses.


  • This is a subcontractor position. So there are no benefits except for working from home, setting your own hours to accomplish the tasks, as much time off as needed (as long as weekly tasks are accomplished and inquiries are getting handled), and the pay is very good.

Job Requirements

  1. You need to be smart, and proficient with web searching, and online apps.
  2. Help introduce 15 people a month minimum to the liquidity pool producers.
  3. Need a laptop, cell phone and a few software subscription services, quiet workspace.
  4. You will need previous experience of having made a minimum investment of at least $5,000 in: private equity, crowdfunding sites, stocks, real estate, your own business, cryptocurrency, etc.
  5. Professional, Kingdom-minded, Generous, Personable.
  6. Charisma, Integrity, Very Organized and Responsive.

How To Apply

Start with watching this video on cryptocurrency liquidity pools:
It is geared for those interested in the pool. If you think this is something you would be good at helping others understand, and you have a technical or investment inclination, and you have a good-sized network, send an introductory letter to on why we should bring you on as a subcontractor.

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We are an investment company who believes the Christian CEO is the most underserved missionary today. Their needs are prioritized as intercessory prayer, peer advisory and capital. We look for investments and cash flowing investment mechanisms that work as kingdom-funding instruments. We hire subcontractors to work alongside us to help us fulfill our mandate.

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